Disrupting loyalty

In a world where everything is easily accessed with just a tap on your phone and where offers can easily be measured and compared, customer loyalty is becoming even more important for companies to be successful. Especially in markets with a low degree of differentiation in products and services has to be creative to keep their customers loyal and engaged. Never ending discounts is not viable in a long-term but rewarding the customer for simply being a customer is instrumental to build a long-lasting relationship.

cxLoyalty’s Lifestyle Based Engagement Solutions focus on the creation of compelling loyalty programs based on relevant propositions that customers value, need and enjoy. When a loyalty program provides an added value and fits in with the customer’s life then marketing and utilization of service becomes natural interactions between company and user. By rewarding with bonus, or points, and putting the earnings in a virtual wallet or an account the customer is also more likely to return which positively affects the customer lifetime value.

Fjordkraft is the largest power supplier in Norway with an ambitious goal; to supply electricity to more than 2 million people in a country with just over 5 million residents. With core values such as Make it easier and Create value, Fjordkraft took a disruptive leap when launching Fjordkraft Netthandel in 2016.

Fjordkraft Netthandel is as easy as it is smart for all parties involved: by shopping online from over 130 online merchants the consumer can reduce their electricity bill! cxLoyalty combine strategy, technology and an extensive portfolio of rewards to design and deliver a loyalty program that seamlessly participate into the Fjordkraft customer’s lives.

Since the launch of Fjordkraft Netthandel the interest and revenue have steadily grown, making Fjordkraft Netthandel a great success; setting an all-time high sale at the end of 2018.

Fjordkraft is the now the biggest electricity supplier in Norway and Fjordkraft Netthandel creates value and satisfaction that their customers appreciate – an engagement program that is relevant and easily convert shopping, leisure and entertainment offers seamlessly into their customers’ lives.

Click here to read more about the Fjordkraft Netthandel loyalty program or watch the video (in Norwegian).