The Connected Customer

The Customer Engagement Dynamics Report

Customer engagement is a commonplace term in marketing but what does it actually mean? And, more importantly, how can you achieve it?

This new ground-breaking study explores the psychology of what makes customers tick and the various stages they go through on the path to customer engagement. By examining the attitudes and behaviours of the most engaged customers, it reveals insights that can help you become a part of your customers’ everyday lives and form deeper and long lasting connections with them.

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The logic of emotion

Emotion plays at least as large a role as logic in purchasing decisions. Companies that understand the role customer emotion plays in the engagement journey can build deeper relationships.

More is more

Quantity makes a measurable difference. Customers who interact more frequently with a company, use more channels and take up more products show higher levels of engagement.

The right stuff

It isn’t just more products, but the right types of products. Customers are more engaged when they take up products and services that improve their daily lives.

The ultimate goal

The highest levels of engagement are seen among customers who always recommend their company to others. Turning customers into advocates should be a company’s ultimate goal.

Advocacy breeds advocacy

More than half of advocates chose to do business with a company because their friends and family use it. These customers have some of the strongest engagement scores.